Thursday, August 02, 2012

Random thoughts

1. I don’t like what’s been done to Batman. I want my Adam West back.

2. In 2008, this photo dismayed me. In 2012, after reading this  I just want to shake my head and sigh.  I just don’t understand Cardinal Dolan.

3. Thank you, Kenyan bishops for speaking up for your people. Melinda Gates needs to mind her own business.

4. Most Catholic books these days are pretty bad. They’re either theologically weak and/or heretical or they are insipid because the author is trying too hard to be hip, but sometimes a seriously worthwhile book gets published. This is one such book.

5. I just noticed a trend in blogging. There seems to be a celebration of weirdness and a denial that there is such a thing as normal. Not true. There is normal. There is decent and there is real. To live outside of the real is to go insane.  Maybe that's what's wrong with our country. Too many people are rejecting reality.

Our Lady of Tenderness



Joe Potillor said...

There's just something about Cardinal Dolan that makes me sick to my stomach, I can't point to exactly what it is....but things like this don't help. I've always thought His Eminence was too nice for his own good. Of course, I think we were the ones that said as such back when he was installed ;)

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

IMHO, Cdl. Dolan is an effete go-along guy with no real backbone.

Lola said...

Adam West hands down the Best Batman, and I have a soft spot for Michael Keaton.

But the real question is: Who is your favorite CatWoman?

I miss Eartha Kitt's CatWoman.

When it comes to most Bishops, I think my late Pastor, Fr. George, sums it up niceley. "Bureaucrats!"

Dymphna said...

Eartha Kitt!

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

First and last thoughts tie in together. How about Dynamic Duo back from before it was hijacked (or let's charitably suppose so) by people making "Batcave" a symbol for depraved behaviour with Bruce Wayne's taste.