Saturday, November 03, 2012

Mea culpa, dudes

I'm sorry. From the moment you started school onward your teachers have been trying to turn you into a little girl. Your normal, fantastic masculine swagger has been attacked, and medicated by the millions.  Perhaps that's why so many guys have retreated into backward baseball cap, saggy shorts, and sneakers all the time man-boys as some kind of defense method.

If you are the son of a single mother who brought her lovers home you were probably exposed to more than a little boy should  and if any of the lovers were dangerous you might have spent your young lives at home being threatened or abused. Again, I'm sorry. Secular society failed you--- a few people spoke up, like Dan Quayle but they were shouted down, and the rest of us took the hint and relentlessly minded our own business. Today, too late for you I know, a few more people are looking at crime and mental illness statistics and pointing out that the sons of single mothers have suffered and dish it out in disproportionate numbers but this is dry and clinical and except for Ann Coulter, it's only spoken of quietly and in like minded company. The Church failed you, your fathers failed you and I'm no longer shocked at the intense misogyny I'm seein  in even Catholic 20-30 year olds .... but guys all women aren't raving feminists. Truly.