Tuesday, October 08, 2013

random thoughts on a sick day

  • I'm sick at home. My nose started running at work yesterday like a waterfall. Since I was sitting at the reference desk that was a nuisance. My eyes are running, my joints ache and I weaved a couple of times while walking to the bus last night. So, I'm giving myself up to bed, Tylenol Severe Cold medicine, weird fever dreams and Net surfing.

  • Rorate Caeli has stopped allowing comments. On one hand I think it was a shrewd move but truthfully the blog  isn't nearly as much fun as it used to be.

  • I was reading a extreme (their description, not mine) prepping site last week and got disgusted after a few minutes. Too many of the posters seem to be looking forward  to a total break down of society and plan to let their inner wild man go free.  That's a totally different mindset than  being  prepared for civil  unrest and natural disaster.

  • Certain people are making themselves look ridiculous concerning Pope Francis' interview with the old atheist.  They are so desperate to make what the Holy Father said go away that they are attacking the 89 year old reporter as being either a liar or senile.  Okay, let's say the quite elderly man  made it all up.  That's possible and he is an atheist with an agenda after-all. And yet, if that's true, why hasn't the Vatican issued a statement to that effect? Perhaps the old man's mind is going, although I doubt that, but there was ample opportunity for a Vatican spokesman to say gently, that the reporter got some stuff wrong. This frantic explaining away everything the Holy Father is embarrassing.

  • Rest in peace Nancy Verhelst. What a tragedy. Poor, poor little unloved girl. People have reacted in justified horror at the callous words of Verhelst's mother but it's obvious that her father failed catastrophically as well.

  • Regina magazine is a very pleasant read.

  • In all the years I've been going to Mass I've only heard two priests who repeatedly preached strongly against abortion and they were considered rare birds by many people. The latter had to put up with rudeness from by the Baby Boomers in the parish who wanted him to preach happy talk instead. I thought of that when I listened to Michael Voris this week.