Tuesday, October 01, 2013

random thoughts

  • Oh dear. Rod Dreher is whining again. He will never get off the pot and go on with his life. He's just going to sit there screaming for  our attention.
  • New Yorkers really aren't all that tough. They just look the part.  Baltimoreans call you honey and baby but they really are tough.The Church is in no better shape in Latin America than it is here and most middle class people have no idea of what they speak when they talk about the poor.
  • People here in Northern Virginia are freaking out over the government shut down. You'd think the Federal workers were in danger of starving.

  • I'm a librarian (law, not public), but I have no problem with censorship of children's books. If you want Fifty Shades of Gray in the teen section of the public library I think decent people should refuse to acknowledge your presence in a room. I read  I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, and yes, it is a gripping, unforgettable book but an innocent nine year old doesn't need to read it. A little girl or boy doesn't need to know about what life is like with a mother who is a harlot or what being raped by that mother's vengeful rejected boyfriend is like. Yes, Maya Angelou triumphs (in part) over the nightmare episode of her childhood but this is NOT a child's book.  I think kids should be protected. Oh and those Twilight Moms are creepy. If you are okay with your twelve year old dreaming about sex with a six foot tall, sparkly reanimated corpse  buy the books your own silly self. Don't demand that they be in the youth section of the public library.