Monday, November 18, 2013

Before Augustine became a saint

Before Augustine of Hippo became a saint he was a spoiled brat who partied hard and rolled around in sin like a piglet in slop. The artist Herbert Gustave Schmalz decided to give the viewer a glimpse of what poor St. Monica had to to deal with before her son converted.

St. Monica's Prayer by Schmaltz


Gina said...

"The child of those tears shall never perish."

I hope that can extend to "the spouse of those tears"


St. Monica is truly one of my heroes.

newguy40 said...

Well, candidly, I have one of those myself. Both his Mom and I pray for his conversion often.

Let me give you a quote I often refer to when I think of my older son...

"Yes, the life of every good parent is a martyrdom! It is to drink daily from the chalice of Jesus Christ Crucified. To be good parents, you must have a deep and true love of the Cross. It is by changing serpents into doves and tigers into lambs that you will be representative of Christ the Good Shepherd, and prove yourself a worthy parent, a man fit to beget and save souls."
Fr. Gerreol Girardey Qualities of A Good Superior 1920