Sunday, November 10, 2013

Well that was embarrassing

Yesterday a depressing and embarrassing thing happened at the end of Mass. The music was great, as always. The young priest was a gift from God. The problem was the parishioners.  When the head of the parish board stood up to make the annual  financial announcement a woman behind me actually groaned out loud.  People shuffled in their seats like the wood was suddenly scorching them.  While he stood in the pulpit talking, Smitty (that's not his real name)  looked out on pews full of grown people who looked like they'd been weaned on lemon juice. Too many adults were rude during the mere five or ten minute announcement and they poured out of the side doors like they were being pursued by a SWAT team.  The American Heritage Girls who were standing in the vestibule collecting money for the Wreaths Across America project were ignored and I hope their feelings weren't hurt.  If any non-Catholics were present, particularly Baptists I'm afraid that they came away with a very bad impression. 

The American part of my parish is upper middle class and some members are affluent. I wish I'd made the announcement instead of Smitty but I'm sure poor Father would still be dodging the backlash from what I would've said.

"Look people, we're all adults here and we need to talk about the parish's finances.This place does not run on happy thoughts. It runs on money. Father knows that the  roof leaks every time it rains and he knows that it's cold in here.  He aslso knows that you want the kids at school to go on more fun trips. Next week is pledge week so please consider what you are able to do about it. Thank you." 

In my fantasy I then make a beeline through the sacristy to the car to hide out.