Sunday, November 24, 2013

random thoughts

  • There's a Catholic writer whom I won't identify because it wouldn't do any good, who is highly knowledgeable about Catholic dogma, very well written, and comes off as utterly miserable. He/she seems to think that anyone who isn't doing obvious forms of penance or who has more than a pot to pee in is a horrible sinner. After a few hours of reading him/her I was utterly repulsed. I can't imagine how he/she comes off to non-Catholics. I'm not saying we should go around like blind fools and there is a LOT to be disgusted by in the Church and in our country but  constant bitter joylessness doesn't make for good  Catholics either.

  • Regina Magazine is absolutely lovely.

  • C. S. Lewis was not Catholic.

  • Everything ages, dies and decays : people, countries, civilization. I think the West is in the senile stage.

  • I love Winter. Rocky and I get up in the wee, small hours on Sunday so he can drop me off at my mother's on his way to work. I go to sleep, eat breakfast with my mother and then we head to my uncle's nursing home. The clubs let out at 3 AM in DC and from that time to about 5 AM you need to be very alert because a drunken kid could easily stumble in front of your car. Thankfully DC has a lot of taxis but we've seen drunk drivers too. Right now it's so wonderfully cold on the East Coast that the 20somethings are actually going home instead of trying to hang out on the street.

  • My mother and I ran into the young pastor of Assumption as he was leaving my uncle's nursing home. Father is such an inspiration. He's a great confessor, and has a big heart.