Saturday, January 06, 2007

The movie meme

Carolina Cannonball has tagged me. Yippe!

Favorite Film?

This is a hard pick but I think it's between That Hamilton Woman with Vivian Leigh and Laurence Olivier
or The Shop Around the Corner with Jimmy Stewart and Margaret Sullivan.

Your Favorite Film Priest?
Oh that's easy it's got to be W.G. Fay as Fr. Tom in the 1947 movie, Odd Man Out. Fr. Tom is gentle and quiet but is easily the bravest, strongest man in the film. It's a tragic movie about a young IRA man who's been wounded and is running for his life from the Brits. Three people desparately want to find him. The Colonel from England who plans to hang him of course, Kate, the young girl who loves him and surprises even her self with her fierce resolve to help her man and Fr. Tom who wants to save his soul. The last lines of the hero and heroine gave me chills and I never forgot them. "Is it far?" "Yes, dear. It's far but I'm coming with you."

Your Favorite Film Nun?

The magnificent Rosalind Russell as Mother Superior in The Trouble with Angels.

Favorite Old B movie?

Band of Angels starring Clark Gable and Yvonne De Carlo.

Newer B-Movie?

Motel Hell. One of the funniest horror movies ever made. It even made my mama laugh and she doesn't like horror movies.

I tag anybody who feels like playing.


Christine said...

I think my favorite movie priest would be Bing Crosby as Fr. O'Malley in 'Th eBells of St Mary's'

My favorite oldB movie would be 'Horror Hotel'c

elena maria vidal said...

I love "That Hamilton Woman" and "Band of Angels," definitely wins for best B-movie. My favorite film priest is Willem Dafoe in "The Pavilion of Women."