Tuesday, January 09, 2007

random thoughts for a wet Tuesday night

  • Rod Dreher has left the church so why is he still writing about about it? His comments on the resignation of Archbishop Wieglus are interesting but I thought he was done with us. I'm glad Wieglus decided to step down. His presence would not have been good for the church or for Poland.

  • Yesterday I went to morning Mass to celebrate the Baptism of the Lord. Fr. Frodo gave the most wonderful homily. I felt tears come to my eyes. He cares so much about the Mass and about imparting some wisdom in his homilies. He's a young priest and is a real gift from God. Rocky couldn't make it to Mass during the day so we went to the 7PM Mass at St. Joseph in Alexandria. There were about 10 people there and it was lovely, like a private family Mass. Two other women besides me had on mantillas and we said the rosary and a novena to St. Joseph too.

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