Thursday, January 18, 2007

On Obama-rama and other things

  • Why does the church allow priests like Fr. Pfleger to be in charge of black parishes? Don't black Catholics deserve a decent pastor too? Don’t they deserve Catholicism as opposed to some warmed over faux Baptist teaching? And after reading this joker's comments on the laughable Barak Obama I'm just disgusted.

    "Do not touch this man," he says, "for if you do, you will answer to us all."

Uh, Father. Who the hell is "us" and what do you mean by "answer"? I don't know how intelligent the black folks in Chi-Town are but you DO NOT speak for all black people. The trouble with people like Fr. Pfleger is that for them it is 1968 all the time.

  • Why do we have gay ministries? Why aren't there fornicator's ministries or wife beater ministries or ministries and clubs for tax cheaters and petty thieves?

  • 2008 is looking pretty bad already. I can't vote for Romney. He's not pro-life and I can't vote for a Mormon anyway. Someone who thinks he's going to be a god one day shouldn't' t be anywhere near the nuclear button. I love Giuliani but he's an open serial adulterer, is pro-gay and pro-death so I can't vote for him. Brownback has a snowball's chance in hell of winning anything and I'll sprout wings and fly before I vote for Newt. As for McCain, I respect his service and his POW status but the dude reminds me of Raymond Shaw from Manchurian Candidate. I don't think he's mentally fit to be the Prez. You know what? Hillary is going to win. Ugh!

  • So it's January 2007 and still no Indult. Did you really believe….?

  • Archbishop Wuerl continues to disappoint.

  • When a man invites you (just you, dear and nobody else) to his home for cocktails it usual means his you know what and your tail. So this doesn't shock me as much as it has some others in blog land.

  • It's been said that the reason why more priests and bishops don't preach the timeless truths is because they're afraid of schism. If that's true that for the love of God, gentlemen preach it and bring on official schism. Is it not better to cut off a gangrenous foot than to let it poison the whole body?


Christine said...

'you DO NOT speak for all black people.' luckily, he doesn't speak for allCatholics either

He is a disgrace

Lynne said...

As is Abp Wuerl...

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"Why do we have gay ministries?"

Because your local bishop is an apostate, like that of Paris?