Thursday, January 04, 2007

Oh dear

An Anglican who converted to Catholicism and is now a priest wrote this on his blog.

What really caught my eye was this paragraph:

I also feel connected with Catholics all over the world in a way I never felt as an Anglican. The Mass I say at school or at St Mary's is the same Mass being said at St Peter's in Rome, the same Mass being said at the slum school we support in El Salvador, the same Mass being said in the ugly modern brick church we once attended in England.

With all due respect to a priest, that's well, nonsense. These days Mass isn't the same from one church to another and hasn't been in more than 40 years. The intent may be the same. The sacrifice is the same but the actions? Oh heck no. Go to my parish and you'll find a lovely, reverent Mass. Go to the one a mile away and you'll find a freak show. Go to one five blocks away and you'll find a priest who waxes poetic about his beloved Green Bay Packers during the homily.

I have attended a Mass where the priest behaved like comedian and brought his dog. I've attended Mass where the priest shilled for the Democrats and all but told us to vote for Hillary. I've attended Masses where the priest was so offensive that I ran out. I've been to Masses where everything BUT holiness appeared to be present. I have been to Masses where the main purpose seemed to be to give the Eucharistic ministers something to do or to give the choir a chance to put on a concert. The Pope wouldn't recognize some of the things I've seen as a Mass at all and Cardinal Arinze would run away screaming. Fr. Longenecker is in for a big shock.


Fr. Dwight Longenecker said...

dear Dymphna, I've been to those kind of masses too. My point is that beneath all the varieties (the ones we like and the ones we don't like) the Church is One and the Mass is the same because Jesus Christ is the same now and forever.

Mac McLernon said...

Not only that, but at Mass it is the actual Body and Blood of Christ which is made present... dodgy liturgical habits notwithstanding (and believe me, I can be critical!!)

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Wish his orthodoxy was on par with his liturgic zeal.

(Your, if you read it, Dwight*)

* I have doubts about his ordination, since after new rite of ordination. Got no response from the priest with the Eucharistic miracle in Buenos Aires, but since it was back in 1996, he might have been ordained under older rite.