Thursday, January 15, 2009

dreher, french mass, doubt and spiritual weaklings

I was going to write something about Rod Dreher then I decided not to. There's nothing charitable or lovely I could say and so I'll attempt to be a domina and pass.

Instead, take a peek at this. It is so cold in this French cathedral that you can see the priest's breath when he spoke! And yet, people were there. They are SSPX but so what? If people rolling around and shrieking in tounges and dancing girls are welcome at our parishes I can't bring myself to pick on people who just want to worship the way their ancestors did.

There's a scene in Doubt where the nun tells the mother of the boy who is being molested what is going on. The mother says she knows her 12 year old is homosexual and that the boy's father is a brute so she's just grateful that the priest is a kind influence. Oh hell no. I can not imagine a black woman in the 50s having that reaction. If someone had said this to my granny she would've had a conversation with her menfolk and a "visit" would've been paid to the offenders house.

Rocky said that there were only three people at bible study last night. It was 25 degrees but he was disgusted. Christians have risked their lives to go Mass and still do in places like Saudi Arabia and these comfortable, well to do suburbanites couldn't even go to a heated room to drink coffee and discuss the gospel among other Catholics.. because it's cold outside.