Thursday, January 01, 2009

Mary, the Mother of God

Rocky had to go into work early today so we went to the 5PM vigil Mass at St. Matthew's Cathedral in DC. It's our old parish. The cathedral was beautiful. If you're in DC this week you should stop by. Mnsgr. Jameson was in fine spirits and came over to wish us a happy new year. Rocky got to usher and it was nice seeing old friends. Fr. Knestout, the brother of Bishop Knestout celebrated the Mass. He added a few things that are not in the missal and he felt the need to stand in the middle of the sanctuary and deliver his homily like a performer in the middle of a stage. The saving grace was that it was a good, homily. I guess he couldn't help the showmanship. Maybe that's what his generation of seminarians was taught and it's ingrained in him.

The music was very good-- we had the head organist and he can really make that old organ strut, but we couldn't figure out why the heavily pregnant and visibly drawn and tired cantor had to walk across the altar to sing the psalms and then back to her place to sing the rest of the music for Mass. The liturgist in charge of this mass should've given the poor lady a break.

We went home, had a glass of Asti and went to bed. Happy New Year.
This lovely image came from the 50 Days After blog.