Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm feeling grumpy this morning

I was reading (for the absolutely last time) a blog written by a guy who lives up North somewhere. He was bitching about the old people in his parish who frowned at his loud offspring. He stated that his kids are the future (oh that's deep-- somebody call Whitney Houston) and will replace these annoying old folks when they die. Maybe. But probably not. If his kids turn out like the average young Catholic they'll bug out as soon as they turn 18 and head to college. I've known kids who's parents didn't make them go to Mass regularly once they got confirmed. They went to gymnastics, or ball practice or the swim team instead. The kids may come back years later or not.

Don't be so smug Mr. Yankee. One day, if you're lucky you will get old and as you hobble to Mass on aching feet and swollen ankles don't be shocked if the bright young things in the pews push past you to get to their seat, frown at you becuase you don't realize that you're going deaf and are talking too loud, nearly run you over in the parking lot, and aren't shy about wishing that you'd shut up and die already.

Jesus said to let the kids come visit Him. He did not say disrepect the elderly. That old coot in the pew behind you is a child of God too.