Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ascension Sunday

The Ascension Chapel at Our Lady of Walsingham. My all tme favorie Ascension imge.

Mass was beautiful. The feast of St. Rita was earlier this week so the church was filled with red roses for St. Rita and pink and white roses for Mary. A joyful and glowing Fr. Gollum preached a remarkable homily. I wish I'd been taking notes because this was worth keeping and savoring.

After Mass a nice old couple renewed their wedding vows. They'd been married for 40 years.

After they were done I went to work. The crown of carnations on our Mary statue was crooked and that bugged me all during Mass so as soon as I could I straightened it. Fr. Theoden saw me and smiled sympathetically. 'Oh look, he must have thought, 'There's Dymphna being OCD again.'
Rocky, later pointed out to me that he'd watched my crown straightening attempt with nervousness. "You could've fallen. You barely reach Mary's head."

He's right, of course. The statue was too tall for me and I had to do a certain amount of climbing and stretching but I can't stand half assedness. I had to straighten out that crown.