Monday, May 18, 2009

Fr. Weslin

HT to Curt Jester

Pray for us, Oh Sorrowful Mother.


Katrinka Yobotz said...

Hi Dymphna! Long time no hear. I was wondering the same thing. Please join America's Independent Party conference call tonight at 9:00 eastern. Alan Keyes will likely call in. I was there at Notre Dame this weekend, as were many other AIP affiliates. We will definitely hear the latest news.
Call info:
My report:

Katrinka Yobotz said...

Norma McCorvey just reported that Fr. Weslin is out of prison and his bail was $1,000. He is in dire need of funds, so please log onto and donate. She also asks that we pray for Randall Terry's children who are sick with the flu.

Katrinka Yobotz said...

CORRECTION: The website address to donate for Fr. Weslin and others arrested: