Friday, May 29, 2009

Fr. Cutie

I once saw Fr. Cutie in person. It was after the Papal Mass in DC. Rocky and I were still in the stadium and walked right past him. I think he was doing a commentary on the Mass for a Spanish language channel. He is a good looking man---- movie star pretty and has JFKesquse charisma. His followers (that's a problem right there-- a priest shouldn't have followers) were mostly women, since it's chicks who babble on about love and marriage. Guys don't.
Surely someone in the diocese should've had enough sense to see that a mess could happen. If he had time to carry on a dalliance then he obviously had no oversight and had too much unaccounted for time surrounded by dreamy women with heaving bosoms and slobbery emotions.

Anyway, he and his woman have abandoned the Church for Episcopalianism, a religion that was started becuase Henry VIII was a heartless swine and Anne Boleyn was an ambitious woman. I wouldn't want to be the future Mrs. Cutie. There's a mark on her back. Every woman who's every looked too long at Fr. Cutie before thinks that she has a shot at him now. All is fair in love and war and sisterhood is crap, especially when a man is on the line. Afterall, if he could not be faithful to his vows to God and the Church why should anyone expect him to be faithful to one woman?

It's all too bad and too sad.