Friday, December 17, 2010


  • Bishop Chaput came out in favor of the DREAM Act. With a nearly ten percent unemployment rate why do we need to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens? I know a woman who hasn't worked full time in a year. She's terrified that at her age, (over 40) she'll never find full time work again. Volunteers at the Post Office who answer children's letters to Santa are reporting they're seeing letters pleading for mundane things like shoes and coats or jobs for their parents instead of toys. That's a darn shame. Bishop Chaput and his brother bishops who gave public support to the DREAM Act have slapped their parishioners--both the native American and the legally naturalized Americans in the face.

  • Whoever decided to have stripping acrobats at the papal audience on Wednesday did the Holy Father no favors. Acrobats have performed at the Vatican before in John Paul II's day, but this was a bit louche. Why on earth was this allowed? Who thought that hairless men peeling off their tops was a good idea in the presence of the pope?And what was the deal with the strutting dominatrix chick who came with them? Somebody needs to be fired, right now because they're either incompetent or they slyly chose to betray Pope Benedict and make him and the Church look foolish.