Sunday, December 12, 2010

Random thoughts

  • I was at a Christmas party this weekend and boy oh boy do I wish people would shut up about their sex lives. Our Lady of Silence, pray for us.

  • College in America for many kids is four years of sex, booze and casual drug use. At the end the kid is left with a useless degree (If your parents change the subject when people ask what your major is, it's probably a useless program) and a pile of debt. We need to rethink the system.

  • The first slaves arrived in America began in 1619. The civil rights law that made my lifestyle possible didn't' happen until 1964. The fair housing law didn't happen until 1968. When I think of everything my mother's generation has seen it's astonishing.

  • Pardon my language but I'm pissed off. A number of liberal bloggers are saying that they are angry at Elizabeth Edwards because she stuck with John Edwards instead of dumping him as soon as she found out about his mistress. Their reasoning is that this would've ruined Edwards and he would not have been able to damage Hilary Clinton and a strong Hilary could've fought off Obama. Well, that's just crap and I now see how the Soviets were able manipulate living history so easily.

    If you voted for Obama you own that vote. God saw what you did in that voting booth. Don't be like Adam, and whimper that"It's the woman's fault!"

  • Why do we keep allowing immigration from Muslim countries?