Thursday, December 16, 2010

Power Plays

I read this post about Sr. Elizabeth Worley which asks if she's the most powerful Catholic woman in America. I found the whole question off putting. It reminded me of when the Holy Father went to England earlier this year and I saw a photograph of a bus that had an ad for women's ordination. It simply said "Give us the power, old man." Why this Satanic obsession with power? What about service, sacrifice, immolation of self? I never hear the feminist Catholics or their gelded male proxies talk about giving all for God, they simply prattle about the ability to force everyone else to go along with whatever it is they want.

For the record, Sr. Elizabeth sounds like a fine person but she's not the most powerful American Catholic woman. That title probably belongs to a cloistered nun, who's name and status are known only to God or a victim soul or maybe even an apparently insignificant lay woman who prays.