Monday, September 12, 2011

Bloggers and commenters --rules of engagement

There's a bunch of Catholic bloggers whining about comments lately. I find that annoying. If you don't like what people have to say either stop blogging or set your blog to no comments allowed or just delete the comment. End of problem. Now, on the other side, folks when you visit most blogs it's like visiting someones home. With this in mind, one  should always behave nicely when commenting at a mommy blog, a priest or consecrated person's blog or any personal blog.  There is one well known priest who blogs (NO IT IS NOT FR. Z. so DON'T EVEN GO THERE) whom I can't bear so I do not read his blog at all. That keeps me from offending our Lord and writing what I really think about some of his posts.

As for professional layperson bloggers who dare to present  themselves as Catholic experts who are qualified to teach and advise, yes, you betcha they are fair game.  Especially if they insinuate that anyone who isn't their sychophant is an idiot or a barbarian.  No layperson who makes their living off of the Church is too high and mighty to be questioned. If they can't take the heat they should leave the arena instead of being big ole crybabies.  If you do comment on something that seems wrong please be polite and I beg you -- don't write  in text-speak. Do not attack the pope. Attack the pope and I'm steering clear of you, period. Don't go for the jugular vein by calling the blogger or other commenters homosexuals (yeah, I've seen that) and damning people to hell because they don't agree with you is wrong and dangerous to your own soul.

I am not saying that we who comment on Catholic blogs have to talk like old spinster Aunt Pitty Pat espeacially when crap is being spoken about the Faith or in the name of Catholicism but you can tell someone that they are wrong without going mafioso on them.  Okay?


Old Bob said...


elena maria vidal said...

Great advice.

Gina said...

Hold on... lemme pull a high-five from my back pocket to slap you with.

Well spoken. It surprises me when folks get up in arms about this sorta stuff.

scotju said...

Dymphna, have a questionyour tips on how to behave on a blog are sound, but I have a question about what you say about the pope.
When you're talking about attacking the pope, are you nixing any criticism of the Holy Father or just attacks on his character? I can understand banning character attacks, but what about criticisms of certain contraversial ideas espoused by the pope?
Pope JPII was always crusading against the death penalty. Even though the church has always upheld the justice of the dp, JPII was always discouraging its use, even though the Bible says life must be forfeited by a murderer. It was an embarassment to many Catholics that he tried to stop the execution of Timothy McVeigh, a man who commited mass murder against about 187 American citizens.
What is really embarassing to me is one certain blogger, who's reputation for damning folks to hell is quite well known to you, has crusaded against the death penalty, and quotes JPII and BXVI as holy writ against it. He basically says anyone who demands it is a death penalty maximumist. Unless one knows what the traditions of the church are concerning the dp, the misguilded effort by this blogger, along with the public statements of these two popes might make one believe the death penalty was voided at VaticanII. Which brings us back to this question,"Is it wrong to question certain teachings or opinions of the pope if they don't seem to match up to tradition?" If you go to the Catholic Champion blog, Nick's Catholic blog and Blogger X's blog you will start getting an answer to that question. Just type death penalty into their site's search engines and you will get an edcation.

editor said...

Thank you for reminding us that when visiting someone's blog we should use our manners....For goodness sake you'd think it was common sense.
Caroline +

Pauli said...

I pretty much agree with what you wrote here.

I've really tried to get people to be ruder at my blog and really go off on me, but only rarely has this happened. It's been really frustrating. It's like people think they have lives or something and don't have the time to spend writing down insults and disagreements.

I don't consider my blog my home so much as a old shack in the back 40 where I keep my moonshine still.

Dymphna said...

Hi Scotju, what I mean when I say attack is the crazy off the wall stuff. I have no use for Theology of the Body or WYD and I've said so here but I have no tolerance for the people who said JPII was not the real pope, or a communist agent, or too familiar with women. One Catholic writer said something obscene about Pope Benedict and I'll never go near her again. The pope's personal opinions like JPII on the death penalty are just personal opinions. We can criticize or ignore. Calling the pope filthy names or rejecting him when he's teaching our established Faith is off the table.

scotju said...

Dymphna, thanks for clarifing what you said in your post. I didn't think you were encouraging papalidolatry. You're on one the more sane voices on the Catholic internet. Any blogger who doesn't go ohh and ahhh over the 'wisdom'? of a certain foul mouth, overbearing, tyrannical, fanatical anti-death penalty profesional Catholic blogger has to be sane! LOL!

Lola said...

A girlfriend of mine here in my real life is a lovely Protestant who sees the same behavior on "Christian Homemaker" blogs.

We sometimes just shake our heads when we discover the nasty nasty interplay in comments, AND in the 'authoritative' manner of the bloggers themselves. Sometimes I figure I'd be better off just reading the Bible or some really excellent book.

My friend often quotes this line:

1 Timothy 5:13
New International Version (NIV)

13 Besides, they get into the habit of being idle and going about from house to house. And not only do they become idlers, but also busybodies who talk nonsense, saying things they ought not to.

I guess it's part of our 'fallen' nature. But yes, we are called to a higher standard.

Thank you for such an excellent post.