Saturday, September 17, 2011

What a shame

I heard somone call their  old priest "wonder schmuck" the other day. Schmuck is a Yiddish word for penis, it's a pejorative and is used to describe a stupid, contemptible person. What pray tell, has Fr. done? He dared to tell  the craft club ladies that they can't store their collectible art work at the parish hall anymore and must take it with them when they leave the premises at night.  However, his really, really awful and objectionable crime is that he talks too long during the homily and Mass lasts an hour or more. People can watch a baseball game for hours. We have no problem with the length of a football game. We  read celebrity gossip sites for hours. We stand in line for over an hour to get into a nightclub and we do it cheerfully but let the Mass go on for an hour ...well storm the Bastile. We have to get to brunch  ya know!
What the heck is wrong with people?  St. Josemaria Escriva once reprimanded a person who complained to him that Mass was too long. The saint replied that the man found the Mass tedious becuase his love was too short.


Old Bob said...

"Schmuck," according to Leo Rosten (The Joys of Yiddish) is considered obscene; also means "a detestable fellow; a son of a bitch."
Anybody who calls a priest a schmuck ought to get a resounding potch or zetz where it hurts!
Mass lasts an hour? Pooor people! No sympathy from me!

I used to go to a Ukrainian Catholic parish where the chanted Divine Liturgy can last two hours, and it didn't matter at all, because at Mass or Divine Liturgy, time is irrelevant. We are partaking of the divine and standing at the door of eternity, and time is meaningless.

I sadly suspect the folks you describe have other gods besides God, and I hope they wake up. Who was it said, "Show me what you live for and I'll tell you who your god is" -- or something like that?

scotju said...

Years ago, when I was Lutheran, a minister in the synod I belonged to had this to say about Yiddish. He, quoting Leo Rosten, said that Yiddish had more curse words and obscenities than any other world langauge. Only Russian came close in the number of profane words in its vocabulary. BTW, I wonder where these ladies are picking up this nasty talk? Certainly not from a Yiddish translation of the New Testament!

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