Sunday, September 11, 2011

To the lost

Contrary to what our elites may tell  you 9/11 is not Be Nice to Muslims Day nor is it Go to a School and Paint Yet Another Ugly Mural Day. Remember the dead. Have mercy on those who were lost, especially those who were not in a state of grace and did not have time to recollect themselves. Please pray for them. Anything else is a betrayal.

Don't foreget him. Don't forget them.


Old Bob said...

THANK YOU for being honest, Dymphna!

LarryD said...

This is perfect - I'm cribbing this for my blog. Succinctly says how I feel. Thank you.

scotju said...

Dymphna, as long as Islam is terrorizing the world, I'll never forget the dead. Yeah, I'll pray for them, and I'll pray that god will mete out justice to all the murdering fiends who had a hand in this mass murder!