Saturday, September 10, 2011

This will all end in tears

  • That poor boy who married Kim Kardashian.

  • The people who thought Obama was going to be the messiah.

  • England

  • France

  • People who think they'll be saved if they pander to Islam

  • Fans who think the Redskins are going to the Playoffs this year

  • People who actually think there will be peace in the Middle East before the Second Coming

  • The Arab Spring

  • Insisting that you and your wife must wait until everything is perfect before she can get pregnant ten or fifteen years from now

  • This, unless marriage (not necasarily to the natural father since the odds are that he's no prize to begin with) and/or adoption are also talked about. Single motherhood is no picnic. Financially, emotionally or physically it's a struggle every day.

    My mother was a widow and although she was as strong as an Amazon it was hard. She was simply heroic. Most young girls aren't ready to be heroic and they blow it horribly. Gangs and prisons are full of the sons of single mothers. Of course Mama didn't mean for things to go that way but she was busy and tired and she had no-one watching her back.  Let's not kid ourselves. Go talk to a cop, or an ermergency room nurse or visit the mourge and you'll  find a lot stories about kids who ran into the boogie man. He's not in the woods and he's not hiding in the alley, he's mommy's boyfriend and he was invited in.