Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Another thing I'm sick of hearing about...

Have you ever noticed that the people who yammer about materialism already have stuff? Yesterday I was leafing through a decorating magazine and saw a feature on a magnificent house that was done up for a Christmas photo shoot. The owner was quoted as saying that he and his wife didn't give each other Christmas gifts becuase they didn't want to give into the American consumerist culture. I threw the magazine down. Here was an obviously wealthy man who'd spent a fortune on his house (and more power to him, do what you please with your own money) and he was gassing about consumerism. I remember thinking, 'Dude, did you steal those antiques? Cause I know furniture of that quality didn't come from Salvation Army and I know your gardener didn't work on those magnificent grounds for free.

A few months earlier I read a blog post on a Catholic blog written by someone was bitching about her foray to the local mall and the sights and sounds of the great unwashed masses. I almost wrote into to complain. Here she was criticizing the working class women buying stuff  when she, judging by what she says on her blog, is living very well. It's pretty low to criticize a stranger for buying a Jessica Simpson purse just because she wants it and can afford it when you're rocking a Louis Vuitton that you bought from this cute little shop in Italy and the fact that your trip to Italy was ostensibly to visit some shrines does not mitigate your lowness one bit. 

 Once many years ago my mother and one of  her friends were walking home after attending services at her friend's church. When asked how she liked it my mother frankly stated that she hadn't felt comfortable. The women at this church were obvoiusly in a much higher economic bracket than she was and it seemed to effect their treatment of anyone who didn't look like them. My mother said that they were swathed in real gems and furs while she was wearing respectable acrylic fake wool. There were stares and and she felt out of place. My mother's friend chided her for being... you guessed it... materialistic. Mama tartly replied that it was easy for her pal to talk since she was wearing a both a fur hat and coat herself.

Class warfare is dangerous and ugly.