Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mama, what's a NeoCath?

I've often wondered what this term really means. Miss Hilary White spells it out with devastating effect.


japotillor said...

too true

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Ms White is entitled to her opnion, but it remains that - her opnion. It is no more nor less valid than any other of those of good will. It's interesting how she rails against freedom of speech when one considers that without such freedom, her post's publication would have been rendered impossible.

Her lack of civics education is quite common, as she seems to opine that the US is a democracy. In fact, the founding fathers were quite afraid of pure democracies and fashioned the US to be a constitutional republic. Of course the US Constitution has been so diregarded over the past 2-3 generations that the rule of law now does more resemble a democracy.

Militia Immaculata said...

One huge straw man.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

I thought it meant each and any not quite orthodox Catholic whose heterodoxies were attributable either to Vatican II or to a spirit of Vatican II they did not consider as going far enough in actual documents.

With this description, I am a former near Neo-Cath. Nearly describes my first years as a convert, except I was very much less allergic to Syllabus, Quanta Cura etc.

In fact, if these are very far from an Evangelical US conservatism, they are closer to a Lutheran or Anglican European conservatism or reactionary stand. And I was a reactionary High Church Lutheran just before deciding to Rome.