Thursday, November 10, 2011

Random thoughts as a migraine comes on

  1. It’s easy and sometimes cathartic to mock Baby Boomers mainly because the rest of us are sick of hearing about the 60s (if every white person who claimed to have marched with MLK in Selma really did,, the marchers would've outnumbered the locals and if everyone who claims to have been at Woodstock really did the audience would've been bigger than the population of Rhode Island); but it saddens me to say that my generation, the GenXers has dropped the ball  in many ways. Go past any public high school and if you're appalled by the kids you see, do it knowing that those teens are the product of GenX parents. Man, a lot of us really blew it.

  2. Who would you rather be? Cher’s daughter or any one of Michelle Duggar’s babies. I know who I’d pick.

  3. The obsessive and seemingly endless gossip about the pope’s health is distasteful. He’s 84, people. It would be a miracle if he didn’t have some sort of ache, pain, or ongoing condition.  Pray for Papa and trust God. Let's not sit around like vultures studying him for signs of weakness. I hated it when the Catholic media did it with John Paul II and don't like seeing it now. I think I prefer the old Italian mindset that the pope is always in excellent health, thank you very much, until he's dead.

  4. When in doubt, let the cops sort it out. If  you think a child molestation case is going on call the police. Don't sit on it. Don't tell just your boss and expect him or her to take care of it. If you are the boss don't try to protect the company/school/order/ cetera. You're only making things worse.
     Call the police. Do it anonymously if you're afraid for your job or your happy, normal life but do it. Calling the cops  may not do a lick of good and you may  think the accusation is nuts and you may even find yourself begging the accused for forgiveness if it turns out that someone was lying, but one day the story will come out. It may take years, decades even, but it will come out and at least you'll be able to say that you did all you could. You're going to have answer to God no matter what you do or fail to do, so you might as well avoid a Paterno/Flynn tragedy now.

  5. This story is a gut punch. I’ve seen a number of relatives die from Alzheimer’s. My mother and I are currently trying to rescue a relative with dementia. Some days it seems like we're all living in that old Dennis Hopper Twilight Zone episode. Hitler's dead, of  course but the Nazi belief that some lives were unworthy of life remains.  Today they kill a woman who’s family says she wanted to die. Tomorrow they will simply kill all the dementia patients automatically.