Saturday, July 21, 2012

Colorado talkers---have you no sense of decency?

All sorts of miserable wretches are attempting to make hay over the Colorado movie massacre. They are talking when they ought to be silent. People are dead. Mothers, fathers, spouses(?) are grieving and now must plan funerals.  This is not the time to ride a particular hobby horse. One blogger, whom I think is a poor excuse for a man,  blamed the victims for merely being there. Apparently going to anything more than a G rated movie makes you deserve to be gassed and shot down. Another blogger criticized the victims who brought their children.

I agree that Batman isn’t for little kids (and isn’t THAT a shame?) but mocking the dead and injured as they lie gray and cold in the morgue or their hopsital beds is obviously a failure of mercy and decency.

Still another Catholic blogger whom I used to respect and whom I won't be reading anymore, blamed the movie itself and most movies for somehow influencing the 24 year old killer. The political beat news personalities tried to whip the public into hysteria by claiming the killings were due to politics. Brian Ross of ABC implied that  an innocent man was involved and had to apologize.  The innocent man got threats and had to disconnect his phone. Ross sitll has his job. This is all simply obscene.

The Colorado killer is obviously a freak and a monster, a pest of among men but the commentators don't know why he is that way and I don't think they really care. They just want to take the deaths and injuries of people to prove their precious points. There are no pat answers as to what makes mass killer. With that in mind, allow me to introduce someone to you. His name was Jesse Pomeroy at14, he remains the youngest serial killer in American history.  Neither TV, movies nor the Internet had been invented when Jesse started torturing and killing younger children. None of the usual excuses applied to his behavior. Despite being observed for decades no doctor could say if Jesse was simply criminally insane or demonic. You can have a pet theory about the Colorado killings but the glee, the smugness, the unseemly haste of the reporters and commenters is appalling.

Our Lady of Silence, pray for us.