Friday, July 20, 2012

random Friday thoughts

  •   Sometimes you need to know when to shut up or at least keep your thoughts to yourself. Here is a nice story about a recent FSSP mission trip to the Dominican Republic and a commenter had to go and ruin it by complaining that the priests were wearing sunglasses and undignified hats.  What this poor man(?) doesn’t get is that life at the Banica mission is rugged. There are spiders, and mosquitos fierce enough to make you run screaming. The roads are dirt, the priest must walk, ride a motorcycle or a mule up and down mountains and hollows to get to the people. The people live in deep poverty and most do not even have their own outhouses. This aint no cushy assignment. If the sight of a priest standing in a tropical climate wearing sun glasses offends you then I just don’t know what to say for you. I really don’t.

  • I don’t read Patheos blogs except for Crescat but I followed a link from another site and it led to this post which really bothered me. Give this poor little girl some privacy. We don’t need to know where she goes to school or have a photo. I know it’s a matter of public record now but seeing it on a Catholic blog written by a member of the clergy just doesn’t seem right. Badly done, Deacon.

  • I don’t why Bishop Loverde is doing this but it’s a good thing.. If a CCD teacher objects to promising that she or he won’t teach anything contrary to the Faith then they need to quit.