Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hey ladies you don't speak for me

Lucreta Scaraffia has an opinion.  Melinda Gates also has an opinion and her husband's money to back it up. Both these women claim to be speaking for the rest of us. Well I reject them. Ladies you don't speak for me and Melinda, you are particularly foul. You are importing death to women in the Third World with the eugenicist idea that if only those black and brown women has less kids the world would be a nicer place for the fitter white kids in Jackson Hole, Manhattan and Silcon Valley.

Speaking as a formely poor kid I say go home and  ease your boredom by taking  up knitting or gardening  or join the board of a a museum but quit messing with people's lives!

Malficent Gates wishing very bad things on innocent babes


Rosa Mystica Mantilla said...

They don't speak for me, either. Mrs. Gates doesn't understand that it's not possible to be Catholic and accept birth control.

Scarafia is a traitor to write such things in the Vatican newspaper. She ought to go work for the NY Times if she wants to blast the hierarchy.

Lola said...

You said it Dymphna!
I've been more outraged by the subtle and not so subtle racism wrpped up in "helping"

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"The billionaire philanthropist Melinda Gates, a practising Catholic,"

In that case, her diocese is sth like a harlot diocese.

What bishop would let her go to confession and communion, unless she was willing to retract all that? What decent bishop, that is?

Same as with letting Ken Miller of Kitzmiller Dover case ill-fame receive sacraments as he said himself.