Monday, February 03, 2014


Since the Catholic birthrate is the same as that of Protestants and the unchurched graciously standing to the side when your son becomes a priest or monk is harder but God bless the parents who do. We do not deserve it but God is not done with us. There still are vocations but they get stamped out at home, at school and sadly in the seminary or in the novitiate. 

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Mrs. H. said...

The Vatican just finished a report imagining the reasons for the lack of vocations since the
60's.I could have told them without having them spend all that money on a study. What Catholic young woman would want to become one of the "nuns on the bus" or a "stretch pants sister"? The orders who have chosen to wear traditional habits and truly work to spread the truth of the Catholic Faith are thriving. We get requests for funds every month because they need to enlarge the Motherhouse to accept all of the new postulants.In the late sixties I truly believed God was calling me to the religious life. Until I went to the local convent to make inquiries and was met at the door by a nun in a sweat suit with a beer in her hand. If that is what I had wanted I would have just stayed in my college sorority. So, the Vatican might have saved a lot of money by just asking someone who was there. Oh yes, I married a wonderful Catholic man and we now have 3 very devout Catholic children and 14 grandchildren. God knew best.