Sunday, February 02, 2014

Random thoughts...from a wild week

  • I stopped reading a number of blogs last year but found beautiful, uplifting ones like Filling My Prayer Closet,   and the Monks of Norica I learned so much from reading  Philothea on Phire.  and I'm fascinated by Orwell's Picnic. 

  • A number of people are highly critical of young Adam Shaw's comments about the Pope's economic ideas. Well, I think he should've been more polite but dang he is allowed to have an opinion. Don't cast the young man out of the Church because he's curt. He's not spoken heresy or blasphemed. In fact, I can  think of at least five bishops, three nuns and two politicians who have said far worse things and are Catholics in good standing.
  • How cold has it been in Virginia this week? So cold my nose bled on Monday and Tuesday.  The environmentalists have it mostly wrong. Man is a poor little thing before the power of nature.

  • I had a blah meal with a side of food poisoning at one of our favorite restaurants yesterday. At one point I could barley lift my head. All I could do was pray, "Oh God help me."  And  Our Father did just that. After a remarkably short time I came to myself and  felt strong enough to get up and totter back to bed. I was soaked in sweat but the cramps and dizziness went away for good.  Best of all, Rocky didn't even wake up.
  • Have you ever noticed that the some of the very people who can't stand their fellow Catholics will just about crawl on their knees to be nice to an animist, Buddist, Muslim, Protestant or athiest?

  • I was reading John Zmirak's ideas on fixing Catholic marriage and I can't say that this essay particularly impressed me.  He  thinks all engaged couples who want to marry in the Church  ought to take a course in NFP. Well first off NFP is NOT Catholic doctrine.  You are not not bound to do it on pain of being a bad Catholic. Secondly, forcing engaged couples to spend money on marriage instruction is a great money maker for parishes but it doesn't make a marrage divorce proof. My brother-in-law did everything by the book before his wedding. His marriage lasted for 20 years before his wife decided to recapture her youth and pulled a Dodsworth

  •  Sometimes it's more interesting to consider the  things that get ignored in Catholic blog land than the topics everybody harps on. Last month one of the Rorate Caeli blog team wrote a post appealing for unity and a truce among conservative and traditional leaning Catholics. The reaction was...silence.


Steve Dalton said...

Dymphna, considering how incredibly stupid some of our clergy are about economics, I'm convinced "curt words" need to be said. And our current pope, who was raised in an atmosphere of Peronism and had a communist teacher during his teens that he had a life long friendship with, needs to hear these "curt words" more than anyone else in the Church. BTW, has a book about the Pope written by two Argentine journalist. They're fanboys of his holiness, so the book isn't a hatchet job. That's where I got my information that I just shared with you from.

Dymphna said...

Thanks Steve. I'll check out the book.

Cristina T said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comment about my blog! As a new blogger this means a lot to me.

God bless you.

Frank said...

Dymphna, thank you so much for the blog recommendations! I've been craving more beautiful, uplifting ones. I look forward to checking these out.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

Looking at some advice by Christina Trinidad :

"So often, I hear that writers just want to write and feel awkward promoting, or even thinking about growing a "following". I totally get it (I have a writer's heart!) but to stand out in a crowd of millions of writers, you have to work at creating your own audience of people that will gobble up everything you put out and you have to start that work now!"

If you scroll down to comment section on this post, you will find a rather impressive total for my blogs, even if ten of the mostly dormant blogs had no visitors.

However, I think there is such a thing as an anti-following : people doing what they can to conspicuously NOT read my blogs and NOT admit interest in them and therefore NOT encourage others to read them. Or even, in fact, outright discourage them from doing so.

One man when I held a cardboard with two URLs told me my calligraphy was bad ... unclear. I asked him what exact letter he found difficult to read.

In the URL


he pointed to the first V, asked if it was a V or an U. It had two lines, they met at a sharp angle at the bottom, no two vertical parallels, no rounding or tail at the bottom, I think he was being dishonest.