Saturday, February 15, 2014

Three pieces of marital advice for young wives

  1. Be kind to your husband. You'd think this would be obvious but American women are taught from our tenderest years to treat our men like idiots. We learn this from TV shows and commercials, movies, other women and pop literature. Not only is it considered okay to make one's husband the butt of every joke, but women will gang up on the young wife who does not have anything bad to say about her husband and tease her until she joins in.  It'll be hard to go against lifetime conditioning but be a rebel for Christ and fight it.

  2. Be prudent in managing your household affairs and remember that the wise woman builds her house while the foolish one tears hers down. One example of this is poor  Maureen McDonnell, former First Lady of Virginia. She's being accused of taking goodies from a businessman in exchange for political favors. Her husband apparently went along with this and they both may go to jail. When I read the indictment all I could think of was Madam Bovary. People consider Bovary  to be a romance but really, it was  Emma Bovary's business dealings that destroyed both her and her family.

  3. Go to Mass more than once a week, if you can. Go to Adoration if you have the opportunity. Pray the rosary and meditate on Our Lady.