Saturday, March 06, 2021

Don't fall in the post under your own name or you're opinion is unworthy trap

 A smug  Catholic "influencer" and  writer frequently attacks people who use Twitter anonymously as mentally or morally defective cowards. Don't fall for that. Many people who Tweet under their own names are promoting their product; be it an apostolate in service to the Church, a decent Catholic business or  in some cases, their own grift.  They're in a position where they need to use their own names to stand by the soundness of the product. However, YOU, regular person with a job, kids and a spouse, don't have a product. You may not make a dime from Tweeting,  or posting on your blog, Facebook, etc... but you have a lot of dimes to lose.  Let's be honest. This aint your Dad's America, heck this isn't even your older Boomer aged sibling's America. You, regular person, can lose your job for simply saying something that certain groups don't like. Your spouse can lose his or her job. Your kids can be harassed at school or in public because of your opinion. 

Protecting your seed corn and your people is not cowardice. It's prudence. If your eight year old comes home crying because her teacher told her and the whole class that you said X and therefore are an evil person then you blew it. Shield your family and if someone who Tweets under their own name mocks you remember that this person probably is running a business and doesn't have a job at the plant, the office or the shop to lose. Don't fall into these people's trap. They are using you. They just fling the "coward" insult around to wrap themselves in a veneer of faux toughness and to create "buzz" that will drive more viewers to them.