Sunday, March 07, 2021

Why does the retired Cardinal Wuerl need 2 million to live on and other random thoughts

  •  I think the Wuerl money is highly suspect. How many of you gave him this money via the Bishop's Lenten Appeal? Restore DC Catholicism asks  very good questions.   

  • The always vinegary Mundabor, opines that Pope Benedict was never the man that we thought he was and thinks that the off kilter comments purported to come from him probably really what he thinks. I agree that Benedict's image was largely wishful thinking and PR. He was one of the bright boys at Vatican II but I believe that he was appalled by the bad taste, the malice and heretical things that came out of it over the years.  He was a conservative and conservatives are largely useless in a  fight but he never would have led us to the Pachamama or the Peacock angel. Remember that.

  • The windmills of God grind slow but they grind exceedingly fine. I'm still leaning toward expecting Andrew Cuomo getting off scott free in this life but the mill stone is moving. Women have said for years that he was....not a gentleman but they were ignored. If anyone were to speak to his wife or his former concubine, neither woman would say he was a prince among men. However, maybe, just maybe Cuomo's decisions concerning the nursing homes in New York led to the death of the wrong person's parent and maybe that person had enough gravitas to pull the timid, the craven and the pragmatic in the New York press and legislature into a coalition that for their own individual reasons can strike at the king of New York. If they can't get rid of him perhaps they can at least end his political ascent. 

  • I just watched an incredible interview on You Tube. It was a meaty discussion on one of my favorite subjects: Catholic history.