Monday, March 15, 2021

The Engel Report and some random thoughts on a Monday night

  • I'm sorry. I am not ready to jump on the Milo bandwagon yet. Does this make me the Prodigal Son's older brother or one of the townsfolk who couldn't believe that St. Margaret of Cortona really was giving up her old life? I hope not. It's just that Milo  Yiannopoulos  is one of those people who really, really needs attention. It's flesh after fasting and water in drought lands to him.

     He gets a kick out of saying and doing things to stun and offend people. I don't think he even cares if he's loved or hated as long as he made you look.  I've read his last book and never mind his politics, that young man has some very dark  and moldy places in his soul's attic. I found parts of the book to be so gross that I had to get  rid of it. I didn't want it on my Kindle, in my house or in my search history. If I could've gotten my money back I would have done that. 

     Maybe this whole thing  is a miracle like St. Paul or Ratisbone and if so, time will tell. Maybe I'm gun shy. I think I've just seen too many big splashy converts disappoint  and too many Catholic celebrities turn out to be hot air. I am afraid that a year from now he'll give an interview or write a mocking  book about  Lifesite and his hilarious sojourn among the wacky, tacky, dumb as dirt Catholics. Pray for him. Be kind but don't give him any money. Wait and see, okay? 

  • St. Margaret, pray for us

  •  The McCarrick Report was distasteful and depressing but it also skipped over or sugar coated some nasty details. Randy Engel points them out here.

  • Whenever someone says "my truth," you can be certain that the next words you hear will be lies.