Sunday, March 29, 2009


Rocky's right knee has hurt on and off for years. He just gutted it out until it felt better and life went on. Well, last Sunday, he could barley stand. I said "we're going to the hospital," and he said, "okay." Since he didn't pooh pooh me or downplay the pain I knew he must've felt terrible. The x-rays say arthritis. On top of that most of the cartilage in his knee is gone. When he stands and walk he has bone on bone contact. Some of the cartilage that is left has calcified and is like rocks wedged into his knee and he has a bone spur. On April 1, he has knee surgery. He'll never have a normal knee but with this surgery he should get years of use out of this knee before having a replacement somewhere down the road.

St. Alphonsus, patron of arthritis, pray for us.