Thursday, March 26, 2009

condoms, death and the maiden

To all of you Catholics who dared to criticize the pope because of the Church's stance on condoms please picture the following scenario :

Your daughter, your only child announces that she's in white heat lust and is going to have sex with the man she's involved with. He has full blown AIDS and a couple of sores you really don't want to hear about but it's okay because they're going to use protection. The condom, a thin sheath of latex, will protect her, right? Right????


Lynne said...

I was thinking that thought just the other day...

By the way, the term "safe sex" is an oxymoron...

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

It's not just that.

Sex was not created to "protect one from AIDS" but to beget children (if one can, yes, I know).

If one is with someone where protecting from AIDS is a greater priority than begetting children, unless one was married to the person who contracted it afterwards, one is with the wrong person.

AIDS will probably not end before the end of time, unless conspiracy theorists are correct there is a cure, and it's being kept back.

Thus, "eradicating" AIDS by giving AIDS victims a "right to have sex" if protected is losing time, money and talents.

If an AIDS victim, not previously married, has a right to have sex, well, it's the right to marry an AIDS victim of opposite sex and to start begetting children with the other person, even if the children might be born with HIV and be likely to live short lives!