Sunday, March 01, 2009

things that make you go huh?

  • Tom Brady, (the Patriots quarterback) married the bra and panty model, Giselle (eh, find your own pictures) in a Catholic church. What do you think will last longer, his career or the marriage? And do you think they had to sit through pre-Cana classes?

  • Have you ever gone to church and found rocks in the holy water font during Lent. Where the heck did that come from?

  • Isn't it odd that more people seem to be upset by the idea of Fr. Marciel having sinful, yet natural sex with a female than were bothered by the gay rumors?

  • I've noticed that more and more elderly people at Mass leave right after Communion. They do it because they don't like being pushed and jostled after Mass. What happened to Catholics? Why are we rushing/fleeing from Mass like the legion of demons going after the pigs? Where did our manners go?

  • Do you ever get the feeling that this economic crisis is somehow not completely real? The prez says we're all doomed but he's flying to Chi-town to have dinner. Mrs. Obama is redecorating the White House despite the fact that it was already done a few years ago and still looks fine. Supposedly we're all just half a step from selling apples on the street and prostituting our daughthers for food but the stores all look pretty full to me. People seem to be going about their business and the restaurants are full on Friday night. So what's up?

  • Does it seem like anti-Catholicism is more open these days? On Friday I sat behind a loud mouthed dude on the bus who mocked Catholic dogma. Everybody on the bus had to hear him. His friend looked ashamed but didn't tell Mr. Loud Mouth to shut up. I've never run into this before. Yes, I've heard nasty little comments and jokes in private but never out in the open like this.

  • How can anyone claim that the Church is anti woman? Our parishes are run by fierce women. The sacristan is usually female. The cantor is a woman. Half of the time the organist is female. The choir is mostly female. The eucharistic ministers are mostly female. The church secretary is female and she's a tougher gatekeeper than the three headed dog of Hades. Rocky once tried to make an appointment to go to confession. The secretary grilled him on why he wanted to talk to the priest. Finally he snapped (it takes a LOT to make Rocky mad) that he was a sinner and need to be absolved and unless she could do that herself she should write his name down in the Father's schedule. She grudgingly put him down on the schedule.
  • Have you ever noticed that most professional Catholics---lay people who make their living off of books and speeches about their version of Catholicism are like the Protestant pop singers who weren't sexy or talented enough to make it in secular music?


The Pondering Catholic said...

Yes, rocks in the water font make me go huh?....

As for the church wedding... I heard, and I may be wrong, that it was outside, and it was a "Catholic" ceremony! (insert shocked look here) That does make me go huh?...

Mind if I steal your things that make you go huh? and do this on my blog too? I love this idea. I have a whole list of things that make me to HUH?

Dymphna said...

Steal away!

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

Well, I think his Father is apart of Catholic Athletes for Christ, I'm putting money that the career will last longer...

I have, it's apart of the "desert experience" that we're supposed to have during Lent, which often makes me think, where's the oasis that's known as holy water?

Yes, it's odd that people don't come to grips with facts most Catholics should know, he was a sinner. In this case a grave one.

Manners? please, loss of moral compass = no need for manners

yes, I do, I sometimes think the "crisis" is fake...

Yep yeps, I just love it i wear the anti-Catholicism with pride, Jesus didn't say it'd be easy ;)...but what amazes me is that Catholics themselves don't realize the graces that we do have.

Lastly, I have no idea how anyone can say the Church is anti-woman. There's a bunch of religions I can think of that are anti-woman (::cough:: Islam ::cough::), but the Church never!

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

"Isn't it odd that more people seem to be upset by the idea of Fr. Marciel having sinful, yet natural sex with a female than were bothered by the gay rumors?"


When I read of whom I then considered Pope, "Gregorio XVI" of Palmar not being able to avoid sinning, I hoped it was just female company he sought (I had read about his background before coinversion).

I learned the opposite after learning he also believed in an apparition which had implied the Universe has at least 8 dimensions - it has 3 and Palmar de Troya is NOT the suurvival of the Church.

"There's a bunch of religions I can think of that are anti-woman"

(::cough:: Buddhism, Hindooism ::cough::).