Friday, March 06, 2009

Sr. Sandra's in a snit.

Seriously, when an order no longer functions to the glory of God it is useless. It should be reformed, supressed or allowed to go into that good night. Sr. Sandra M. Schneiders IHM, is upset because there is going to be an apostolic visit of American orders.

I don't know how many vocations the IHM nuns get these days but I'll bet it's nothing to write home about. A few years ago a nun who was dressed in a nice suit with tasteful jewelry came to my parish and spoke after Mass. She mentioned that vocations had dwindled and asked for donations. Rocky was inclined to reach into his wallet. I refused and was so adamant that he decided to leave well enough alone. A year later a little nun from the Philippines spoke at my parish and asked for help for her orphanage. She was wearing her habit and was delightful. We gave and so did many of the people at Mass. I support nuns who look like they've rejected the world the flesh and the devil, act like nuns, and would never advocate rudeness and childish behavior towareds visitors from the Vatican.

Sr. Sandra sounds like she wouldn't get on with nuns like these:

And I think I'm safe in guessing that she wouldn't even begin to understand nuns like this or this and certainly not this.

Let the apostolic visitors come. I'm sure they're smart people and they won't be able to miss who has vocations and who's drying up in sour feminist spite. Young ladies like the ones shown below aren't flocking to hang out with Sr. Sandra.