Friday, September 12, 2014

Cardinal McCarrick says that Catholic social teaching and the what the Koran teaches are pretty similar

Retired DC Cardinal Theodore McCarrick is a charming conversationalist with self deprecating humor and twinkling eyes. When he was in his 60s he looked like a Leprechaun come to life and is a master politician. He also confirmed Rocky and for that reason, my dear husband retains some fondness for him. I'd like to say his praise  of Islam is due to the mental decline that can come with old age but he's been humble and conciliatory towards Mohammed's creed for years and he's not the only one. It's like people are so afraid that they can't wait to bend their knees now in hopes they'll be spared later. Maybe this great cowardice is the reason why ISIS is having such success and why Islam in general has become so strong in the West.

St. Raymond Nonnatus, who risked your own life to rescue Christians slaves in Algeria, and who when imprisoned there, converted many of your captors, pray for your brother priests and bishops.