Friday, September 26, 2014

Suit up and be ready for anything....random thoughts on a sick day.

I've been sick off an on since June  and today  I decided to stay home in my nice dark bedroom, take my migraine pills and try to get some rest.  In between naps it has been a random thoughts kind of day.

  • Last night we went to the Thursday night TLM at St. Rita's. The altar boys were just leaving after having had practice. In the parking lot we heard a  little altar boy asking a big one (he looked about 13) for advice. The big altar boy said, "Suit up and be ready for anything," Rocky and I found that funny and Rocky figures that the boy was talking about the big family Mass at mid day on Sundays but that advice is pretty good for life in general. 

  • The Texas Poor Clares make some really nice soap. Speaking of nuns I was mistaken for one two weeks ago and that still stuns me. I was wearing earrings, lipstick, and a nice (although it was navy) dress and my hair comes to my shoulders and in no way resembles a truck driver. On top of all that I was with Rocky. Now granted, we were not slobbering all over each other as we walked the grounds of the Charles Caroll House which is on the St. Mary's Church property, but we were clearly a couple. What kind of crazy little  nuns do they have running around  in Annapolis, MD?
  • What's the deal with the three days of darkness? I can not find any mention of this prophesied divine chastisement in the Catholic Encyclopedia. People I respect believe strongly in this but the Holy See has never, to my knowledge said "Yes, children, this is safe to believe." It seems to me that after the Warning there would be no need for further chastisement or that if 70% of the world is going to be wiped out the survivors are going to have a pretty tough time of it until Judgement Day.

  • I really like the Pray More Novena's site. I have found it very helpful.

  • I have a feeling Supreme Court Justice Ruth Vader Ginsburg is going to be very surprised one day when she finds out that the court will go on without her without even so much as a hiccup and that her eugenicist views are not going to look too good when she goes before the Ultimate Judge. At her age this will be sooner rather than decades later. 

  • No matter what happens ---if anything--at the October synod nothing will really change. If you divorce your spouse, take up with your secretary with the long legs and pneumatic bosom and then strut up to Communion you will be eating and drinking your own destruction. The priest can be forced to place the Host in your hands, the rest of us can be threatened with social ostracism if we don't call your mistress your wife and you can ignore the faces of your children but all that really matters is that Jesus said :
But I say to you, that whosoever shall put away his wife, excepting for the cause of fornication, maketh her to commit adultery: and he that shall marry her that is put away, committeth adultery.
  • Fr. Paul Nicholson says the SSPX praying is worse than a Satanic Mass. I don't know a single person who attends a SSPX chapel but I was really disappointed in him for saying that. Since I hold the words of Mother Vogl concerning priests dear, I won't say any more about this. 

  • Colleen Hufford was 54 years old. The poor lady got up this morning and got ready for work at the Vaughan Foods processing plant just like any other normal day. She may have read or listened to music on her way to work. She may have thought about her family or about what she was going to have for dinner when she got home. She may have had plans for the weekend. When she got work a Muslim, who reportedly had been fired for harassing other employees about converting and arguing that it was okay to stone "sinful" women, beheaded her. He used a fillet knife. Colleen Hufford did not die quickly as she would've done from a machete, or a strike from a master  swordsman. She died in what must have been unspeakable agony until she finally bled out. After butchering Colleen, he stabbed a 43 year old co-worker, who was also older than him and female. His rampage was ended because a brave man at the plant shot him. He is still in possession of  his wicked life so he still has time to repent.

    This did not happen in California or New York City or even in some place that has a huge foreign born Muslim population like Minnesota or Chicago. This happened in Oklahoma. The Muslim who killed her did not look like he just walked out of the desert. He looks like the same ordinary guys you'd see on the bus or the sidewalk or in the apple section of the grocery store.  When that poor woman in England was beheaded one of my co-workers and her friends cracked nervous Highlander jokes. If anyone is joking now they are like the people Hillaire Belloc was talking about when he wrote, "But as we laugh we are watched by large and awful faces from beyond: and on these faces there is no smile."

    Eternal rest grant unto Colleen Oh Lord, let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace.