Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Random thoughts and A few good blogs

  • I know a lot of people are mad that the Archbishop Sheen's cause for sainthood has been temporarily closed but despite the way it went down, is the slow down really a bad thing? He died in 1979, and that's too soon to talk about canonization unless you're talking about a martyr or a super saint who raised people from the dead, or went to a foreign pagan country and miraculously was able to speak the language and converted millions.  I am not knocking the archbishop, I'm just saying slow down and stop running on emotion. 

  • The most well known Catholic blogs seem to be on Church politics, current events and the pope's doings. This is okay, but if you're looking for something different; or something devotional, I found some fine blogs and a website that are not widely known but definitely deserve to be.