Friday, September 05, 2014

For the love of St. Patrick...something stinks in the NY diocese and DC smells kinda funny too

Okay, by now you've probably read that the New York St. Patrick Day Parade organizers broke under pressure from their corporate sponsors and  are going to allow homosexuals to march in the parade with their own banner. On top of this, Cardinal Dolan is going to be the grand marshal of the parade. Is anybody really surprised?  What's more interesting is an essay on the DC archdiocese website, written by  DC priest Msgr. Charles Pope who argued that it's time to do away with the parade and the Al Smith dinner too. When I read it I thought two things: First, that the monsignor was going to catch some flak for  this opinion and second, that the essay would probably be removed from the archdiocese site within the hour. Sure enough, the essay is gone. Lifesite news has re-posted the whole thing for now.   Say a prayer for the monsignor. I have a feeling that this isn't over for him.

As to St. Patrick Day itself; how does getting drunk in public honor St. Patrick? Never-mind the homosexual obsession with the parade in New York, let's be honest enough to admit that  that the day was already ruined and has been for decades.The memory of the tough, holy man who converted pagan Ireland has nothing to do with much of what goes on during his feast day and he can  not be pleased by a profane bacchanal in the middle of what is supposed to be a penitential season.  After reading Monsignor Pope's essay I was reminded of a video of a talk given by a Swiss priest last year entitled "There is a Danger that this Year's Lent Will Be the Same Joke". Here's a challenge that doesn't involve a bucket of ice water. Next year why try prayer and fasting for St. Patrick's Day? St. Patrick's adopted Irish eyes will smile on you.