Friday, October 09, 2020

Doubtful saints

  •  This book argues that French mystic Marthe Robin was a cheap fraud.


  • Carlo Acutis was by all accounts, a sweet, pious boy and the people promoting his cause say that he was a second St. Dominic Savio but should he canonized? Have his promoters really made a good case for his sanctity?

     Being incorrupt is not required to be canonized but it is accepted as the great sign from God that a person was especially favored. Bishop Sorrentino says that young Carlo was not, despite what has been claimed. 

    His body is also clothed in branded clothing. I can't tell for certain what his jacket says but it looks like there is a Nike swoosh on his shoes. Did Nike approve of this? Does the Church now have a  named Venerable as product placement for a sports wear corporation