Monday, October 26, 2020

In your charity could you say a prayer for my Cousin Pearl? Plus other random thoughts.

  • My cousin Pearl just got out of lock down. She lives in a nursing home and one of the residents got sick. The other resident was taken to the hospital and was exposed to Covid. Upon returning to the nursing home some authority decided that all the residents had to be restricted to their rooms for 14 days. Family members normally go to the porch of the nursing home and wave to her and talk to her on the cell phone. For 14 days she couldn't even do that. She and all the residents were not allowed to walk around the nursing home.

    Another cousin went to see Pearl yesterday on the first day when the residents were let out of their rooms.  Pearl has lost weight and looks very unhappy to me. She's 93. Folks we don't treat murderers like this. 

  • Thank the Lord. My next door neighbors have finally moved. They were so nasty that I used to see roaches walking in and out under their front door. I suspect that the children in the family were the ones who were drawing on the walls of the apartment building hallways. 

  • Archbishop Wilton Gregory is going to be made a cardinal. Some people are shocked but really folks, it was already set in stone. Traditionally the head of DC will be made a cardinal eventually whether he was a good bishop, a good priest, or even a good man. Heck look at McCarrick and Wuerl. The DC diocese is polluted.