Saturday, October 03, 2020

Pray for our country and other random thoughts on a Saturday night

St. Michael, pray for us. Our country is in danger. 

  • Just because Judge Amy Coney Barrett is Catholic doesn't automatically make her a good Supreme Court Justice pick. Remember what a disappointment John Roberts turned out to be? And if being Catholic is your only qualifier, is she still really Catholic? She belongs to a Charismatic group. The Charismatics sprang from some pretty weird and frankly terrifying ground. The sober and careful, YouTube Ascent of Mt. Carmel channel has a lot to say about the Charismatic Movement. You might want to read up on the subject. 

  • The canonization process has been so watered down that I don't trust this.  I don't trust this at all.  

  • Have you noticed that the professional Catholic talkers don't seem to have anything to say about the vandalism and desecrations going on at Catholic churches in the US? Why is that?

  • Peter's Pence is this weekend. I expect the poor ushers all over the country will report that they got a lot of sour looks.