Friday, October 30, 2020

Halloween thoughts

Halloween isn't what it was when you and I were kids. It's become sleazy on one level and dangerous on another. Have you noticed the explosion of demonic activity in this country and around the world in the past few years alone? And isn't there something schizophrenic about dressing your child up as a demon  and sending him out to the neighbors and demanding candy? I know of people who turn their lights out and pretend to be out on Halloween because they don't want to participate but are afraid of "pranks" and becoming  unpopular in the neighborhood. 

 Why do grown people downplay it when  a "grouchy,", "humorless" neighbor's house is attacked with eggs or his yard is strewn with toilet paper on Halloween when these same people would scream and carry on if someone did that to them on any other night of the year? What kind of Catholic says something like, "Well I don't approve but Old Jim or Old Lady Jones  is so cantankerous and never does anything in the community so no wonder the kids did the kids pulled a prank,"? It's talk like that that made me seriously rethink modern Halloween.