Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Louie Makes Himself Clear

 Louie Verrechio used to annoy me when he'd carp about the March for Life or the Knights of Columbus's involvement because he'd always allude to what he thought was wrong but was  vague on details. Now,  he and the magnificent Randy Engel have spelled out their argument.  It's a thorough and disturbing one. 

It looks like Nellie Gray was betrayed either on her deathbed or after her death by the people running the March now. It also looks like the heads of the organization aren't fighting for the outright abolition of abortion but rather, a slow nibbling away at it. Essentially, the consensus idea seems to be to pragmatically ignore  babies in the first trimester for now in order to convince people that abortion in the latter trimesters is evil and should done away with. Supposedly after years of that people will come to realize that protection should be extended for all babies. 

The March leadership, Randy Engel writes, has also  made an effort to water down the Catholicism that led Nellie Gray to start the March in the first place because the current president of March for Life feels that "Nellie Gray's leadership was "too Catholic," " and continuing in Nellie's path might offend the kindly Protestants, Jews and even pagans who might be pro-life but would hold their noses and let babies die rather than rally with Catholics to stop it. 

I'm going to have to read the whole thing a few times to fully digest it but I don't like what I've read and as the wife of Knight of Columbus I really am disgusted with Carl Anderson.