Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Great Catholic news!

Here's a beautiful thing. LaSalle Academy is an independent Catholic school that serves inner city kids. Tuition is just $200 a year. I owe so much to the parochial school system. It changed my life, introduced me to the Faith, and gave me a wonderful education. You can help out this great cause by sending donations.

I read about this on Amy Welborn's blog. I must say I'm disappointed in the Open Book readers. If there's a juicy sex scandal they have plenty to say but when Catholics are doing good for the Lord there's hardly a comment.


hilary said...

Dymphna, I clicked the link and got 404. I went to google and futilely put in Lasalle Academy and got dozens of them all over hte place.

Where is it and how can we find out more?

I might get us to do a LifeSite piece on it and independent Catholic schools.

Dymphna said...

Hilary, here's the info:

1434 North Secon St
Philadelphia,PA 19122